A Bowie Knife

Made from an old file, quite visibly.
Blade is 5 mm thick at its base, and was given a clay quench leaving a nice, wavy hamon. Decorative filework was added on the ricasso area. The false edge is sharp as well.
Fittings are heat-blued (to deep, varying hues of darkblue/green), hand-fileworked mild steel with contrasting brass inlays, handle is oliver.

Scabbard is hand-tooled, vegetable-tanned leather, hand-stitched and natural-dyed to black ; fittings are mild steel with brass highlights, hand-filed and heat-blued to the same clour range as the knife fittings, and fixed on the scabbard using brass staples, as was done for centuries in Europe.

OAL : 362 mm, with a 223 mm blade (30 mm wide at base).

Currently at 650 €.

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