A thank you!

It is very, very cool to see that statistics show how reviews on HROARR with time reaches at least about 20-25% of the whole HEMA community! Thank you so much for all your visits!

And soon there will be a new review series of HEMA specific equipment with jackets, arm & leg protection, neck & throat protection and gloves. Keep an eye open for that!

Finally things are rolling along nicely and it is a very different situation to only two years ago, so thanks to all the great manufacturers who have taken us seriously and dedicate themselves to helping us with better protection!

So huge thanks to SPES, AbsoluteForce, KnightShop, PBT, Sparringglove.com, Allstar and Negrini and whoever I forgot to mention! We truly appreciate your efforts deeply!


  1. Well I really like this website, I sometimes check the forums, but mostly I look at the articles and reviews, there is some really useful information to ponder and think about. I check this site quite reguarly and spread the word..
    cheers Jim, NZ.

  2. Just like Jim I enjoy the site and try to visit as often as I can. What I really loved was the “Global HEMA Census” and other statistical oriented data. This kind of information should prove more and more valuable as it gets enriched over time. (A good friend of mine once counseled: “Its important to once in a while really get to know about what you know about.”)
    Keep up the good work HROARR.com

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