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Review: SPES Dusack Waster

Given how important the dusack has been both in the fencing schools and tournaments, all the way from the very early 1500s …

Absolute Force HEMA Black Pants

Where's my fighting trousers?

"A telegram? Oh, dear. It seems someone has been "biting me"...? Fetch me my trousers at once! No, not those. Those are my time …

The hilt of the tournament "feder". The rings are not included on the sword reviewed here.

Regenyei fechtschwert

The swordsmiths around the world have seen some pretty fierce competition developing over the last few years, especially the high-end companies like …


Arms & Armor Fechterspiel Sword

Swordsmith: Arms & Armor Arms & Armor have been making swords for practice and sparring since the late 80’s which makes them a …


Lichtenauer steel longsword

In a way I think one's first real sword is like your first love. It is something you will always remember in …


Norrlands waster by Plastsmeden

The best longsword nylon wasters I have tried thus far were hand made by Pentti of GHFS. Unfortunately he no longer produces …


Scimitars Fencing Shoes

Introduction Finding good, suitable equipment for Hema is a problem we all wrestle with and there are few products aiming to fulfill …


Albion - The Regent

Thoughts: The Regent belongs to a category of longswords that can be presumed to have its origin in the mid 15th century …


Lutel 15019

Thoughts: Lutel 15019 is a typical sword created for modern training or steel sword sparring. The blade is simple and the edge …