Copyrights and licenses

The content available here is provided under various licenses.

While we are working on perfecting our written license policy we refer to the Wiktenauer: Copyright Policy to which we also subscribe.

In short, here is our policy:

  • The historical manuals available here in the manuals section are considered public domain and are generally provided with the approval of the libraries, with a rare few exceptions. Exceptions are made for a small amount of manuals to which one library claims copyright, but for which rulings in the Supreme Court of the country in which this library is located clearly state that this library holds no copyrights to these digitized documents.

    For precedence and legal rulings on the topic we refer to:

    Image copyright (Germany) Image copyright (Germany)
    Bridgeman Art Library v. Corel Corp (USA).

  • Translations, transcriptions and interpretations are provided with the approval of the original authors.
  • Articles and reviews are provided by authors collaborating directly with the HROARR site.

Based on this we have judged that public accessibility to these documents is more important than claims to copyrights which have no proper legal (or ethical) standing.

Do note however that the HROARR site respects copyrights and does not intentionally break any copyrights of the originators of the source material provided here. Any material that proves to be provided in breach of copyrights will be taken down immediately. As far as we know, no such material is currently provided on the site.
This is the reason why we do not provide a copy of the Ms I.33 since the Royal Armouries has denied us permission to distribute the material and the UK law supports their copyright ownership.

Note also that none of the copyright protected material may be used or redistributed for any commercial purposes without the permission of the copyright owners. For specific info, see the copyrights info of the individual documents.