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Dec 14th 2011

Christmas goodies!

Finally, we have been given access to Bonaventura Pistofilo's treatise on pike, halberd and arquebusier, entitled "Oplomachia". You can download it here.

Nov 18th 2011

For the first time: Scans of Theodori Verolini!

Herzog August Bibliothek has kindly provided the GHFS with scans of Theodori Verolini's Meyer and Petter-inspired manual of 1679 and allowed Hroarr to distribute these files as well.

Oct 27th 2011

Reprint translation of Joachim Meyer!

Join our Facebook group which we initiated to encourage the publisher to make a second print of the out-of-stock Forgeng-translation of Joachim Meyer's 1570 manual!

Sep 13th 2011

Permission from Biblioteka Jagiellonska.

The Biblioteka Jagiellonska in Krakow, Poland, has just given their approval for Hroarr to distribute HEMA material such as their Gladiatoria manuscript MS Germ.Quart.16

Sep 10th 2011

New review up

This time a review of Pavel Moc's Lichtenauer steel Longsword

NOW: FECHTSCHULEN Matt Galas "On the After blow" in European Fencing Traditions Kunst Fechter's blog article on "What exactly were the Fechtschulen?" Kevin Maurer's blog article on "Who were the Freifechter?" Christopher Amberger on Fechtschulen 16th-century Germany Kevin Maurer's article on "Insights into the fechtschulen of the MarxBruder and Federfechter's Guilds" "Did Medieval Commoners Practice with Fighting Masters?" by Hugh Knight Discussion on "Fechtschule" on Swordforum Wikipedia on Marxbrüder Wikipedia on Federfechter "Sechs Fechtschulen" by Karl Wassmansdorff - 1870 "Der Ritterlichen Freyen Kunst der Fechter" by Christoff Rösener (Master of the Longsword of the Brotherhood of St Marx) - 1589

REVIEW REVISITED: Scimitar Fencing shoes New article up An introduction to a review series of a whole lot of sparring swords has been added to the review section.

Interesting images of sword grip and wrist angles (Updated). Collection of images showing variations of Vom Tag Map of locations related to fencing masters and landsknechts. (Work in progress) Map of locations related to the Teutonic Order. (Work in progress) Map of locations related to the Hanseatic League. (Work in progress) Images of Wallhausen 1614: Training for battle field.


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