HEMA Equipment

Complete kits - masks, neck, torso, arms & legs
Absolute Force
Akademia Broni
Spes Historical Fencing

Lajolo Sports
Terry Tindill - Custom tailored masks
Dwarfen Smithy sparring helm
Fabri Armorum Fencing Helmets
Mask protection by Gesellschaft Lichtenawers

Costumbres Mediaveles HEMA Jacket
Weapon Store HEMA Jacket

Absolute Force
HEMA Sparring Gloves
Lajolo Sport

Steel Swords
Albion Europe (Denmark/Sweden)
Albion Intl (USA)
Arms & Armor (USA)
Viktor Berbekucz (Hungary)
Paul Binns (UK)
Cas Iberia (Intl)
Vladimir Cervenka (Czech Republic)
Szymon Chlebowski (Poland)
Marco Danelli Armouries (UK)
Del Tin (Italy)
Darksword Armory (USA)
Darkwood Armory (USA)
Bob Davies (UK)
Ensifer Swords - Jan Chodkiewicz (Poland)
Hanwei (Intl)
Kovex Ars(Czech Republic)
Fabri Armorum - Jiri T. Krondiak (Czech Republic)
Miran Krstičić swordsmithy
Lutel (Czech Republic)
Pavel Marek (Czech Republic)
Pavel Moc (Czech Republic)
Peter Regenyei (Hungary)
Stefan Roth (Germany)

Synthetic wasters
Norrlandswaistern by Plastsmeden
The Knight Shop.co.uk
Purpleheart Armoury
Like Steel
Dwarfen Smithy - Currently on hold
Cold Steel
TAK Knife.com - Training knives

Wooden wasters
Purpleheart Armoury
New Stirling Arms
Raven Studios

Sword bags and cases