Footwork video from Sala delle Armi.

Very nicely produced video on footwork, from La Sala delle Armi.


  1. That was an excellent survey & presentation that had a lot to teach – thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot!
    Maybe some purist of historical reenactment could say that our clothing is not 100% correct but the purpose was to create a well defined difference between the footwork and its application.
    After many years spent in doing only basic footworks we have had the opportunity to study various books and that is the result!
    Hope this could prove useful!

    -La Sala delle Armi-

    • Dave,

      Molto bene! A very clearly presented video, and I liked the way you presented the material. A few actions I might do *slightly* differently, but viva la differenza, no? We have not met, and I just learned of your association, but I hope to see more of your work with armizare e la scuola bolognese!



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