What is HEMA?

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts and includes both living and recreated martial arts traditions that were born or defined in Europe. The martial arts that died out have been recreated using martial arts manuals that were written in the Middle Ages and onwards and which have been preserved. Some of them can even be downloaded here.

If you would like to learn more about HEMA, then please read about Historical European Martial Arts on Wikipedia.

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The beauty of posting your texts on HROARR is that we then can have lots of HEMA articles published under various categories, even quite specific ones, where people post their thoughts and research, and all of it is searchable for the whole community.

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Resources for the Historical European Martial Arts and Sports Community

The HROARR site focuses on different aspects of Historical European Martial Arts. It is meant to serve both as a help to active HEMA practitioners and as a source of inspiration for people that are unfamiliar with this form of Martial Arts. At its core the HROARR site is a free online HEMA magazine with contributions from the whole community. It is also a neutral meeting ground where we can all connect, share and learn from each other using the tools provided by the site.

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Latest articles and reviews

HEMA in the N.Y. Times

We’re quite excited to see HEMA being reported in the renowned and prestigious N.Y. Times magazine! It features both an article on the HEMA event Longpoint by Mac William Bishop as well as a video report, both showing well-known names like Jessica Finley, Axel... read more

On Tournament rules

Well I guess this is the “hot potato” of the HEMA community! I am sure that a lot of other people before me and surely a lot of others after me will deal with the subject. First of all I have to let you know that I never participated in any tournament due to... read more

Review: Swordbag Liechtenauer

As much as I love the pioneering aspect of Historical Fencing some aspects of it have, at times, also been a bit frustrating as we have had little actual gear designed specifically for what we do, apart from… weapons, at least until rather late in the modern... read more

Resources on Medieval Literacy, Part II

The 13th Century: Commercial numeracy and literacy. Lay literacy and the first public schools. The Beguines of Flanders. The second life of the translation school of Toledo. Writing in the vernacular. Eyeglasses. The commonplace book. The Universities. The Fourth... read more

Review: Ontario Knives Chimera

Among the countries of the world one stands out as truly blessed with excellent knife makers manufacturing big utility/combat knives. Why that is, is hard to tell. Size is of course one factor, but perhaps also a generally high living standard combined with a still... read more

Resources on Medieval Literacy, Part I

Resources on Medieval Literacy, Part 1 When we talk about Historical European Martial Arts we obviously tend to focus on the martial first and foremost. Most HEMA research emphasizes the content of the manuals themselves, parsing and reparsing the author’s words and... read more

Review: Tinea Kombat Knife

  Today we are going to look closer at a fairly new modern Italian-design combat knife that not so many have heard of yet, a knife that due to its design, quality and price certainly deserves more attention. This is the Tinea Kombat Knife, designed by M° Danilo... read more

Jogo do Pau returns to the WWOC

It is my pleasure to announce that, after sadly missing the 2012 event, I’ll be again teaching at the WWOC (Hannover). More, this time I’ll be happily teaching with the assistance of fellow JdP instructor Patrick Scheler, whose skill, knowledge and... read more

Review: SPES Dussack Waster

Given how important the dusack has been both in the fencing schools and tournaments, all the way from the very early 1500s up until Napoleon and the late 1700s, as well as on the battle fields as a weapon of war, it is somewhat surprising to see how comparatively... read more

Hroarr is closing down

Hello dear HEMA community! I am sad to say that I’ve reached one of those points in life where you have to make a drastic choice, where you look back on things done and weigh their value against the possible futures. Unfortunately weighing HEMA and what I have... read more

HEMA Charity 2014

It never ceases to amaze me what incredible people that make up the Historical Fencing community. Your hospitality, openness, willingness to share and generosity is second to none and just recently it struck me; Why not put that awesomeness to good use for a specific... read more

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