Reprint translation of Joachim Meyer!

Join our Facebook group which we initiated to encourage the publisher to make a second print of the out-of-stock Forgeng-translation of Joachim Meyer’s 1570 manual!


  1. How may we join the petition for the Foreng translation of Meyer if we aren’t on Facebook. I have been trying to get a copy but at $350.00 to $400.00 haven’t yet.

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      Well it is a bit tricky since it is just that; a Facebook list. :) However, Dr. Forgeng is part of that list and said this, just the other day:

      So here’s the update: I.33 went in to the Armouries on Sunday, and should be out by early summer. Look for substantial improvements over the first edition, including analysis of the MISSING PAGES!

      This week I’ll send a note off to Palgrave to find out whether they’d like to do a reprint of Meyer. I’ve decided not to worry about Pen-and-Sword, since I’ve already asked them by email, and I don’t think they have as good a capacity as PM. If I don’t get a positive response from them this month, I have several backups in mind, and I expect I can have a new publisher lined up by the end of March.

      The joint Iberian volume with Noel Fallows looks like it will fall through, due to issues with one of the texts, so I’ll probably also be publishing the Duarte separately, and sooner rather than later, since it’s virtually ready to go.

      Once those are sorted out, I’ll see about pinning down the Leckuechner, which I expect to happen by the middle of the year. Pretty much all of the above books are ready to go, or very nearly. After that it’s back to Mair and Monte–both well advanced, but will take more time to get ready for press.

      I’ll update as I hear more from the publishers! JLF”

      The FB group already has half the amount of members that the first print of the book amounted to, so the chances of a 2nd print should be good.

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