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The hilt of the tournament "feder". The rings are not included on the sword reviewed here.

Review: Regenyei fechtschwert

The swordsmiths around the world have seen some pretty fierce competition developing over the last few years, especially the high-end companies like …

Fechtschwerter from Joachim Meyer's von Solms' treatise.

The WhatChaMaCallit-Schwert

In Sweden we have a saying; “A loved child has many names” and looking at what is today called a federschwert this …


A call to arms!

From at least as far back as the early to mid 1400s, all the way up until about the French Revolution in 1789, longsword …


Fechtschwert or a blunt longsword?

What kind of steel longsword should one choose for sparring? There are of course many aspects to consider. However, many instinctively discount …