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The hilt of the tournament "feder". The rings are not included on the sword reviewed here.

Regenyei fechtschwert

The swordsmiths around the world have seen some pretty fierce competition developing over the last few years, especially the high-end companies like …

Fechtschwerter from Joachim Meyer's von Solms' treatise.

The WhatChaMaCallit-Schwert

In Sweden we have a saying; "A loved child has many names" and looking at what is today called a federschwert this …


A call to arms!

From at least as far back as the early to mid 1400s, all the way up until about the French Revolution in 1789, longsword …


Arms & Armor Fechterspiel Sword

Swordsmith: Arms & Armor Arms & Armor have been making swords for practice and sparring since the late 80’s which makes them a …


Fechtschwert or a blunt longsword?

What kind of steel longsword should one choose for sparring? There are of course many aspects to consider. However, many instinctively discount …