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Longswords and their data

For the past year or so, I have been gathering data on longswords. These come from a wide range of different source, …

The hilt of the tournament "feder". The rings are not included on the sword reviewed here.

Review: Regenyei fechtschwert

The swordsmiths around the world have seen some pretty fierce competition developing over the last few years, especially the high-end companies like …

"Planetenkinder" from the Italian manuscript "De Sphaera", dated to the 1400s.

The Rose and the Pentagram

This article is written to accompany the recent article about the mysticist, and possibly even fencer and a Freyfechter, Heinrich Agrippa. If …


The tools for the job

Image from Joachim Meyer’s treatise of 1560 To understand the body mechanics involved in a technique we not only have to train …


Chronicon Helvetiae

Just some brief reflections on  images from Chronicon Helvetiae by Christoph Silberysen, dated to 1576, currently kept in the Aargauer Kantonsbibliothek in Aarau, Switzerland.


Fechtschwert or a blunt longsword?

What kind of steel longsword should one choose for sparring? There are of course many aspects to consider. However, many instinctively discount …


How do you do the Vom Tag?

No, it’s not the hottest, new move on the dance floor. It’s just the old High Guard as it is taught by …


How long should a longsword be?

A simple reply would be long enough to reach your opponent. Stupid answer, I know… But the question is also stupid… sort …


Review: Albion – The Regent

Thoughts: The Regent belongs to a category of longswords that can be presumed to have its origin in the mid 15th century …


Review: Lutel 15019

Thoughts: Lutel 15019 is a typical sword created for modern training or steel sword sparring. The blade is simple and the edge …