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News from Dr. Forgeng

Great news for students of Joachim Meyer and Leküchner, from Dr. Jeffrey L. Forgeng, posted on the Reprint Forgeng’s “The Art of …


Meyer freeflow exercises

To begin with, just for clarification, this is not a typical article per se, but rather a text sorted under the Meyer …


Meyer’s masters

On this day, 443 years ago, Fechtmeister Joachim Meyer published his magnificent fencing treatise ‘Gründliche Beschreibung der Freyen Ritterlichen und Adeligen Kunst …

Noël, Noël!

Still not in that proper Christmas mood yet? Well grab your eggnog, turn up the speakers and sing along! Here is another …

"Planetenkinder" from the Italian manuscript "De Sphaera", dated to the 1400s.

The Rose and the Pentagram

This article is written to accompany the recent article about the mysticist, and possibly even fencer and a Freyfechter, Heinrich Agrippa. If …


The tools for the job

Image from Joachim Meyer’s treatise of 1560 To understand the body mechanics involved in a technique we not only have to train …


Chronicon Helvetiae

Just some brief reflections on  images from Chronicon Helvetiae by Christoph Silberysen, dated to 1576, currently kept in the Aargauer Kantonsbibliothek in Aarau, Switzerland.


How do you grip a sword?

Gripping a sword may sound like the easiest part of fencing; I mean it is just a matter of grabbing a sword …