Here you can find HEMA/WMA instructors that can offer workshops to your club or organization. The HROARR site takes no responsibility for the instructors or their workshops and only functions as a means for you to get in touch with each other.

If you would like to be listed, then please contact us through the contact page.

Easton Matt. Schola Gladiatoria, HEMAC

Engström Andreas. Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, HEMAC

Farrell Keith. Academy of the Historical Arts, HEMAC

Garcia-Salmones Eugenio. AVEH, HEMAC

Hirsch Steven. Kunstbruder

Kohutovic Anton. TSC, HEMAC

Linnard Anders. GHFS, HEMAC

Norling Roger. Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, HEMAC

Schmidt Herbert. Ars Gladii, HEMAC

Schunder Laszlo. Ars Ensis, HEMAC

Talaga Maciej. ARMA Poland, FEDER

Taylor Andy. Stork's Beak.