Norling Roger, GHFS, MFFG / HEMAC

Instructor: Roger Norling
Country: Sweden
Club: Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, Meyer Frei Fechter Guild

Bio: Roger is a member of Gothenburg Historical Fencing School and leads a class on Joachim Meÿer’s Halben Stangen, based on research done starting in 2009. He is also a member with the rank of fechter of the Meyer Freifechter Guild.


Roger (left) teaching Meyer’s quarterstaff in Lincoln, USA, assisted by Kevin Maurer of the MFFG

He is deeply dedicated to HEMA and is responsible for the site, a neutral meeting ground for the HEMA community which provides resources on manuals, clubs and equipment as well as writes articles and reviews related to HEMA.

Due to his contributions to the HEMA community and his dedication he is also a member of HEMAC since 2011.


Roger teaching longsword in Bruges, Belgium, assisted by Krist Martens of the Hallebardiers

Currently he is involved in a research project studying the whole of Joachim Meÿer’s 1570 treatise and works with both the staff, the longsword, the dussack and the dagger, using the same systematic method he applied to his quarterstaff research for which he is most known.

Meyer quarterstaff parrying exercise

Meyer longsword freeflow exercise.

At Swordfish 2011, in Gothenburg Sweden he taught a class on the basics of Meÿer’s Halben Stangen, based on the research and training done in the GHFS class.

Roger (right) teaching assisted by Kevin Maurer of the MFFG. Photo by Alwin Goethals

In April 2012, Roger taught Meyer quarterstaff to the Hallebardiers/St Michielsgilde, alongside of Kevin Maurer of the MFFG who taught the longsword and dussack, in Brugge, Belgium in April 2012. Read more.

Roger Norling (right) teaching assisted by Jon Ucub of the MFFG. Photo by Alwin Goethals

In May 2012 Roger taught the quarterstaff of Meyer at SKUNKS 2012 in Rybnik, Poland, an event arranged by Vectir.

In August 2012 he taught Meyer quarterstaff and longsword at Fightcamp 2012, at The Grange, UK.


Roger teaching Meyer dusack in Bruges, Belgium

In November 2012 he taught the quarterstaff at Swordfish 2012, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In February 2013 he taught the quarterstaff at the Dreynevent in Vienna, Austria.

In May 2013 he taught body mechanics, footwork and the quarterstaff at a Meyer Frei Fechter Guild event in Illinois, USA.

In July 2013 he taught flow with dussack and longsword to the Hallebardiers in Brugge, Belgium.

In August 2013 he taught 7 hours of dussack, longsword and staff in York, England.





Roger teaching Meyer longsword at WMAW in Racine, USA


Roger teaching Meyer staff, assisted by Chris Vanslambrouck of the MFFG, at WMAW in Racine, USA

In September 2013 he taught longsword and staff at the Western Martial Arts Workshop outside of Chicago, USA.




He finished off the year of 2013 by teaching longsword and staff at Swordfish 2013, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2014, he started off by teaching in Florence, Italy at the HEMAC Florentia event and shortly after at the 2nd Annual Meyer Symposium in Illinois, USA. In July he taught 4 hours of Meyer longsword core concepts, related to the Onion article series, at Donnerschlag in Karlsruhe, Germany. He finished of the year of 2014 by teaching at Swordfish in Gothenburg, Sweden in November and the whole weekend of Dec 6-7 at Third open training with Appesi (Terzo allenamento aperto con gli Appesi) in Asola, Italy. In 2015 he will be teaching in Italy, Germany & York, among others.


“I very much enjoyed the Staff workshop, one of the best HEMA workshops I’ve seen!”

“I usually do not judge workshops of an HEMA event, because I only attend a few. But I would like to recommend to everybody: if you ever have the chance to attend a staff workshop with Roger Norling on Joachim Meyer, then do so.”

“Roger, brilliant sessions. Thank you! It is always a pleasure to be in your classes, I have to process the information now and practice what you and Mattias showed us. Brilliant!!”

“Roger has an amazing depth of knowledge and an uncanny ability to present it!”

“Thanks for the impressive demonstration and competent explanation of polearms on the Dreynevent. I enjoyed your workshop very much. I think, I will never shovel snow again without respect for the shovel and remembering your instructions!”

“Thanks very much for the great introduction into the nice mechanics of the staff. Enjoyed your lessons very much!”

“Thanks for an exemplary workshop (J.Meyer) which made me very curious! I hope to be able to participate actively next time.

… believable and looking like how I envision Meyer would be doing it himself.”

“Excellent didactics!”

“Roger showed very impressingly, how powerfully you can use a simply pole and how dangerous it would be in a hand, which knows, how to use it. Respect! It was much fun, to exercise in this course!”

“This class was really great!!! Cool exercises and everything was explained in a clear way. Cool techniques that gave me a basis to work on in my training!”

“Very nice class. I liked Rogers style of demonstration the techniques and the explanation very much. Roger has a great knowledge in my eyes, and has good body movement, stability, and power when executing some of the Stücke. I was glad to have the opportunity to train with him two times (beginners and advanced class), which helped me to understand the mechanics behind the staff much better.”

“This three hour workshop was a real highlight, not just because I think Meyer has left us a brilliant, elegant and powerful system of staff-fighting, but because Roger’s pedagogy was equally brilliant. Ably assisted by new friend, fellow Illinoisan and brother-at-arms Chris Vanslambrouck of the Meyer Freifechter, from the moment he began his warm-up, everything Roger taught was designed to initiate students in the body mechanics and broad motions of the art. The Gothenburg Historical Fencing School is known for its physicality and conditioning, and Roger brought this to his teaching: the first hour of the class would have been a fantastic stand-alone class in relating warm-ups and conditioning to your martial arts practice. Fortunately, there was two more hours of solo and paired work and people got a great work out, exposure to an art most of them had never seen before and I suspect an eye-opener as to the power of the humble staff…”

“Interesting, with good ideas and interpretations!”

“Very good! Roger seemed to be sprung from Meyer’s treatise, only the the clothing seemed to be missing. Roger’s classes were the most interesting workshops for me during this event.”

“I very much liked the structure of his two workshops, giving rather more practice time and repetitions for the basic stances and techniques in the beginners’ class and whetting my appetite for staff/polearm fencing with a short repetition of the basics (good idea!) and a wider overview on many different techniques in the advanced class.”


Research methods and tools for understanding combat manuals
The Onion: Basics of European Longsword
Joachim Meÿer – The Dussack in motion
Joachim Meÿer Halben Stangen – “Catch him in his own techniques” (Quarterstaff)
Free Fencing for sparring with dangerous techniques

Events instructed at:

Terzo allenamento aperto con gli Appesi, Sala d’Arme dell’Appeso. Asola, Italy
Swordfish 2014, Gothenburg Sweden
Donnerschlag 2014
, Karlsruhe, Germany
Meyer Annual Symposium 2014, Lincoln Illinois, USA
HEMAC Florentia 2014, Italy
Swordfish 2013, Gothenburg Sweden
Western Martial Arts Workshop 2013, Racine Wisconsin, USA
Fechtschule York 2013, York England
Meyer Annual Symposium 2013, Lincoln Illinois, USA
Dreynevent 2013, Vienna, Austria.
Swordfish 2012, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Fightcamp 2012, Birmingham, UK.
SKUNKS 2012, Rybnik, Poland.
Meyer Weekend Workshop 2012 for the Hallebardiers/St Michielsgilde in Brugge, Belgium.
Swordfish 2011, Sweden
Kungskrabba 2011, Sweden


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