Free Fencing for sparring with dangerous techniques

Description: Sometimes you need to train with methods that allow you to use even the most dangerous techniques in a system. How can we minimize the risks when doing so, without losing a martial intent and speed & power in the training?

For this I have designed a group of exercises built around the concept of Free Fencing. The purpose of Free Fencing is to learn through experience, not necessarily to win. Consequently you are primarily not to hit the opponent, but to provoke him/her to respond to a threat. This threat can be a real one or a feinted one. And to the defender it should all appear the same; as a real threat that must be handled.

Quite importantly, Free Fencing shouldn't be confused with Slow Fencing, as speed is not necessarily a factor here. As always you should fight at a speed that puts you in good control over your body and weapon.

The class is open to any weapon, but preferably to students who have a good amount of experience in the weapon of their choice. Also pairs of students using the same weapon is ideal.

Duration: 2 hours.

Requirements: Fencing mask and weapon of choice.

Instructor: Roger Norling

Country: Sweden

Club: Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, Meyer Frei Fechter Guild, HEMAC

Physical Training for Swordplay

Description: Being the best Swordfighter requires two components, the technical training and the physical training. You cannot reach your personal best without both. The workshop applies the concepts of Functional and Sport-specific training to the demands of sword-fighting arts.

Topics can include: Flexibility & Mobility Sport Specific Strength Training Cardiorespiratory Conditioning Agiltiy & Balance Explosiveness and Plyometric Training Periodization for Year-round Training

The class requires no previous knowledge of strength training. The class is not specific to any style of swordplay.

Students should be dressed to workout. No other equipment is necessary.

There is no hard limit on class size but class size will determine the mix of lecture versus hands-on.

Duration: 2 hours to all weekend, with length determining the number of topics covered.

Requirements: Holding the class in a gym is preferable but not required.

Instructor: Steven Hirsch

Country: Massachusetts, USA

Club: Kunstbruder - the Brotherhood of the Art

Sparring as a teaching tool

Description: Takes the students through methods of using sparring as a way of developing their own fencing, as well as that of their students and training partners.

Duration: 2-4 hours.

Requirements: Sparring equipment.

Instructor: Anders Linnard

Country: Sweden

Club: Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, HEMAC, SvHEMAF

Timing and distance

Description: Goes through methods of controlling the area where you fight and the movements of the opponent.

Duration: 2-4 hours.

Requirements: Longsword, gloves and a mask

Instructor: Anders Linnard

Country: Sweden

Club: Gothenburg Historical Fencing School, HEMAC, SvHEMAF