Sources on European Polearms, original and modern

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Sources on European Polearms, original and modern

Post by Roger N » Sat Nov 28, 2009 2:43 pm

Liechtenauer tradition
Cod11093, MS2530, Cod.Guelf.83.4Aug.40, Andres Liegnitzer, Gladiatoria, Hans Talhoffer, Sigmund Ringeck, Hans von Speyer, Paulus Kal, Hugo Wittenweiler, Peter Falkner, Hans Senger, Johannes Lekuchner, Andreas Paurnfeindt, Paulus Hector Mair, Joachim Meyer, Hans Wilhelm Schöffer, Gregor Erhart, Codex Guelf 83.4 August 8°, Anton Rast

Fiore tradition
Fiore dei Liberi, Antonio diGrassi, Filippo Vadi, Camillo Palladini, Antonio Manciolino, Bonaventura Pistofilo

Jeu de la Hache (Anon)

George Silver, Joseph Svetnam

Atanasio de Ayala

Bayonet and firearms with pikes
Angelo, Hendrick Van Buren, Richard Burton, Benjamin Cole, Alfred Hutton, John Kelton, George McClellan
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