The Letter
  My name is Roger Norling and I run a Hema resource site that you may already be familiar with;
  I am researching how many members each club has and would like to ask for your help in providing some short information. An email was sent to roughly 250-300 clubs all over the world in 2010 and the data here reflects mostly the state of HEMA at that time.
  The reason behind this survey is to continue building stronger arguments when discussing with manufacturers of protective gear, media, government agencies and other martial arts groups. There are no commercial ties behind this email. Only a wish to make the Hema community stronger.
  So, I would like to ask if you would be willing to provide this info? The results will of course be made public to all clubs that are interested in participating.
  The questions are as follows:
  1. How many chapters does your club have? In other words, how many locations do you teach at?
  2. How many members does your club or your chapters have? (Please only count members who have paid for membership!)
  3. How many classes do you teach per week?
  4. What classes do you teach? (longsword, messer, sword&buckler, rapier, spear, pole arms etc)
  Thatís it! Oh, and remember to tell me the name of your club. :)
  I know that it can be difficult to count paying members, if you have another payment plan; single classes or monthly fees etc, but please try to come up with a reasonable number of how many are involved in your club on a yearly basis. We donít need exact figures, but a good estimate.
  If you decide that you do not wish to participate in this survey, then I would be immensely grateful if you would let me know, so I can remove you from the survey and this emailing list!
  I have also been asked to introduce myself a little, so here goes: I am a member and quarterstaff instructor of Gothenburg Historical Fencing School in Sweden, and a member the Meyer Frei Fechter Guild and also HEMAC. Some of you know me from teaching Meyer's staff, longsword and dussack at various events around the world, or through the various research projects I am part of through HROARR and elsewhere. I am quite passionate about Hema and try to contribute to the community in any way that I can.
  The Hroarr site is run on a non-profit basis, and is an attempt at helping the Hema community to grow and evolve.
  I am looking forward to hearing from you all!
  Thanks and have a nice day!
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