First of all I would like to thank each and everyone who has participated in this survey so far! I applogize for those who haven't received a proper reply. I simply do not have the time to respond to you all, due to work, practice and family responsibilities.
  Judging by the numbers so far where a larger crowd than most had anticipated, which I find very exciting and promising for the future. We are now about a third of the way in this survey. There are still at least 150 groups that are unaccounted for.
  I would like to ask your help in spreading the message to the groups in your respective country. Hopefully we can get at least 90% to contribute with their info. Please check the lists for each country below and see which clubs we are still lacking info on.
  Due to the fact that different clubs have different types of membership and accompanying payment arrangements, the numbers will be somewhat inexact and difficult to calculate. 
  Also, since some clubs have been difficult to get in touch with or get a response from, the numbers calculated are on the low side. Most likely a few hundred more should be added.
  Also, a special case has been made for 100  out of in total 450 Slovakian stage fighters, since they base their techniques on historical manuscripts. This info comes from the Slovakian group Zoldnieri.
  Some groups need to be cross referenced between different countries: Schola Saint George, Schola Gladiatoria, Selohaar