Johann Jacobi von Wallhausen - 1614

These illustrations appear to show images of both practice and war. It is hard to tell from the images if they at first are firing their weapons with gun powder only, but when firing in a circle around the horses, it certainly seems like a way to prepare the horses and themselves.

Furthermore, in image 6, top right, we see a sword thrust to the opponent's visor. Other thrusts in the gaps of armour can be seen in image 8 on the bottom and mid left.

In these images you can more or less clearly see practice for:

Getting on (or off) the horse with one arm and even no arm only.
Training the horse to move sideways and backwards, while using a stick to touch the horse's head.
Riding defined tracks, both with and without an opponent.
Riding up and downhill.
Jumping over various obstacles, through water, close to fire.
Training the horses balance.
Using the lance against targets both at rider level and on the ground.
Attacking the horse.
Rossfechten with arming sword.
Commanding the horse to run over soldiers on foot.
Commanding the horse to use it's hind legs to kick back at an opponent.
Grabbing the opponent's reins.
Shooting of firearms, both on foot and while mounted.
Use of the firearms, musket fork, ammunition bandolier and helmets as blunt percussive tools.
Ringen am schwert.
Cavalry tactics.